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Open Savings Account Online with Video KYC – Axis Bank

Axis Sahaj Savings Bank Account :

Axis Bank एक प्रसिद्ध राष्ट्रीय Bank है। यह भारत में निजी बैंकों की श्रेणी में एक प्रसिद्ध Bank है। इसकी ग्राहक श्रृंखला रोज बढ़ती जा रही है। Axis Bank उन ग्राहकों के लिए भी विभिन्न लाभ बढ़ा रहा है जिन का खाता Axis Bank में है। यह ग्राहकों को Zero Balance Account की भी पेशकश कर रहा है। Axis Bank Zero Balance Account किसी भी रूप में खोला जा सकता है, Basic Saving Account में भी खोला जा सकता है। इसे Axis ASAP Digital Account में भी खोला जा सकता है।

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Axis Sahaj Savings Bank Account Fees & Charges Below :

Average balance requirementMetro/Urban: Rs. 0/-
Semi Urban/Rural: Rs. 0/-
Branch convenience fee (for every unique visit)Rs .10/- per financial transaction from branch
Account closure charges for customer induced closuresAccount is closed within 14 days of account opening: Nil
Account is closed between 14 days and 1 year of account opening: Rs. 500
Account is closed post 1 year of account opening: Nil
Debit card joining feeRs. 250+Taxes/-
Debit card annual feeRs. 100+Taxes/-
Cash transaction at branchMonthly first 4 transactions or Rs. 2 lakh whichever is earlier. Cash Transactions at Non-Home branch: Cash transactions up to Rs. 25,000/- per day, exceeding which Rs. 5/- per thousand or part thereof, subject to a minimum of Rs. 150/- to be charged
Cash transaction charges beyond free limitRs. 5 per Rs. 1000 or Rs. 150, whichever is higher
Intra bank funds transferFree (Online)
RTGS at RNB, MBFree (Online)
NEFT at RNB, MBFree (Online)
NEFTUp to Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 2.50 /- per txn ;
Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 1 Lakh – Rs. 5 /- per txn ;
Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 2 Lakh – Rs. 15 /- per txn ; Above Rs. 2 Lakhs – Rs. 25 /- per txn
RTGSRs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakh – Rs. 25 /- per txn ;
Rs. 5 Lakh and above – Rs. 50 /- per txn
IMPSUp to Rs. 1000 – Rs. 2.5 per transaction,
Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1 Lakh – Rs. 5 per transaction, Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakh – Rs. 10 per transaction
DD/PO IssuanceUpto Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 50;
Above Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 5 per Rs. 1000 (min Rs. 75/-max Rs. 10,000)
Chequebook free limit1 multicity cheque book first year (10 leaves) beyond this Rs. 100 (20 Leaves)
Axis/ non Axis Bank ATM: no. of free transactionsAxis Bank ATM: First 5 financial transactions.
Non Axis Bank ATM: 5 (Financial & Non-Financial)
Axis/non-Axis Bank ATM: fees beyond free limitsFinancial- Rs. 20
Non-Financial – Rs. 10
PassbookRs. 100 per instance
Physical statement through branch for prior quartersRs. 100 per instance

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Axis Bank Savings Account Opening : Required Documents

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Active Mobile Number
  • E-Mail Id
  • 2 Passport Size Photo For Offline Process
  • For Online Process Video KYC With Aadhaar Card

Open Savings Account Online with Video KYC – Axis Bank

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