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Finance of America Companies Inc. is a lending platform that connects borrowers with investors. The Company is focused on residential mortgage loan products throughout the United States. Its offering includes traditional mortgage loans and reverse mortgage loans to consumers, and business purpose loans to residential real estate investors. The Company has built a distribution network that allows customers to interact through their preferred method: in person, through a broker, telephonically or digitally. The Company operates five segments: Portfolio Management, Mortgage Originations, Reverse Originations, Commercial Originations and Lender Services. The Company’s subsidiaries include Finance of America Mortgage LLC (FAM) and Finance of America Reverse LLC (FAR).

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finance of america - finance calculator

Key Facts About Our Single Rental Loan

  • DSCR loan with no W2s, paystubs, or tax returns required
  • No-fee alternative valuation and rent schedule option now available (for eligible properties18)
  • Funding up to 80% LTV for purchases and rate & term, up to 75% cash-out3
  • Property loans from $75K to $2MM13
  • Single Family Rental (SFR), condos, townhomes, PUD, 2-4 units eligible
  • Foreign Nationals allowed (70% LTV max, eligible countries only)
  • 30-year property loan terms
  • Minimum 640 FICO

Key Facts About Our Fix & Flip Loans

  • NO prior experience required11
  • No-fee alternative valuation option now available (for eligible properties18)
  • Extensive rehab financing available (budgets > 50% of total costs)8
  • Individual and Business approval for exposure limits up to $10MM with individual property loan amounts from $50K to $3MM12
  • Financing for up 100% of renovation expenses, 95% LTC max 16, and 75% ARV LTV max
  • Optional interest reserves
  • Soft Costs included in financing (contractor’s fees, contingency fees, permits, surveys, etc.)
  • Foreign Nationals eligible

Key Facts About Our Bridge Property Loan

  • As-is appraisal only, no ARV
  • No-fee alternative valuation option now available (for eligible properties18)
  • Self-funded cosmetic rehab allowed (up to 25% of cost basis)
  • Up to 80% LTV for purchases | Up to 75% LTV for refis
  • Foreign Nationals eligible
  • Optional interest reserves
  • NO prior experience required11
  • 12- or 18-month property loan terms
  • Individual property loan amounts from $50K to $3MM12
  • Minimum 620 FICO

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