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7 Steps to Create a Donation Website for Your Nonprofit

 Why Your Donation Website is Crucial to Your Organization

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If you’re looking to drive online donations, you’ll need to create a donation page.

Why? For a ton of reasons, including:

  • Letting people give, no matter where they are

  • Making it convenient for supporters to give quickly (and impulsively!)

  • Automating payments

  • Centralizing your organization’s messaging

  • Meeting donors’ expectations, in an increasingly digital fundraising space

A carefully crafted donation page can make all the difference between more dollars raised or not. Without any online presence, you’re out all online donors—with a poor one, you’re cutting your donor base down.

With an awesome one? You’re growing your organization, one page visit at a time.

10 Tips for Creating A Successful Donation Website

It only takes seconds for someone to decide if they’ll stay on a website.

That’s why it’s crucial that your donation website is optimized to grab your audience’s attention.

To make sure you’re on the right track, here are our tips for creating a successful donation website:

  1. Simplify your forms to make giving easier

  2. Optimize your CTAs and buttons to ensure donors get to the right page

  3. Add compelling visuals to grab attention and tell your mission’s story

  4. Use persuasive copy about your fundraising campaign and cause

  5. Process your donations instantly 

  6. Send automated tax receipts to donors 

  7. Collect donor info straight into your database 

  8. Share summaries on donation progress to your goal

  9. Use scheduled emails to keep in touch with donors 

  10. Use the right software that has features like:

  • Data tracking

  • Pre-set, specified donation amounts

  • Integration with tools like Wordpress, Quickbooks, and Google apps.

  • A mobile-friendly website construction

  • Advanced site customization

  • Widgets like donation forms and calendars

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