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Slice: Credit Card Challenger – slice credit card review

 Why should I get a slice card?

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– A forever free card that comes with no annual fees, no joining fees, and no hidden charges ✌

– Get upto 2% cashback on every slice card transaction. It doesn’t get better than this, does it? 😉

– Low on money at the end of the month? You can slice your bills over 3 months for free

– Get instant cashbacks and discounts with slice spark when you shop on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Swiggy, MakeMyTrip and many more 😎

– Transfer money from the slice card to your bank or paytm account instantly. tin tinin ten ten (We heard that too)

Features and Benefits of Slice Credit Card

You can explore all the features of this credit card below:-

  • Get up to 2% cashback on every transaction
  • Split your bill into 3 equal instalments without paying any extra fee or interest.
  • No Annual Fee and No Joining Fee will be charged on this credit card.
  • You can enjoy a credit limit of up to INR 10 Lacs on the Slice Credit Card.
  • This credit card is accepted by 99.95% of merchants across the country that accepts VISA credit cards.
  • You will not need any credit score to apply for this card.
  • Minimum age of 18 years is required to get this card
  • You can split bills with friends by taking notes or adding tags.
  • See your credit card passbook on your mobile phone.

Slice has recently launched a new credit card, namely Slice Super Credit Card that offers cashback on every transaction. This is a well-suited option for people who are new to credit as it comes with relaxed eligibility. You can avail great benefits such as cashback on every transaction with this Slice Credit Card without paying any joining and annual fee. Read on to know more in-detail features and benefits of this card.

Slice Super Credit Card lets you earn instant rewards on multiple categories, such as travel, dining, lifestyle and more. You can also earn cashback on your transactions via this credit card. Below mentioned are some of the Slice Credit Card benefits:

  • 2% instant cashback on every transaction
  • Shop anywhere and slice all your bills in 3 months without any extra charges
  • Credit limit starting from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10 lakh
  • News deals every week with Slice spark
  • Accepted at 99.95% merchants across the country
  • Split bills with friends by taking notes or adding tags
  • No joining or annual fees

Features and Benefits of the Slice Super Card

Cashback benefits:

  • You get up to 2% cashback on all transactions made with the credit card.

Slice benefits:

  • You can make purchases at any place and can easily slice your bills over a period of 3 months.
  • This can be done without any extra charge.

Credit limit benefits:

  • Your credit limit can range between Rs.2,000 and Rs.10 lakh.

Documents and Eligibility Criteria

  • Salaried Individuals can apply for this credit card.
  • Self-employed individuals can also apply for this credit card.
  • You should be a Citizen of India to get this card.
  • The minimum age of the applicant should be 18 years.
  • You will need address proof, identity proof, and income proof to get the Slice Credit Card.

Slice Super Card Credit Limit

The maximum and the minimum credit limit of the slice super card are fixed. You will get a maximum limit of up to INR 10 lacs on this credit card with a minimum of INR 2000. On the other hand, you will know the exact credit limit of the card at the time of applying for it. The issuer will decide the limit on the basis of your income and your card usage pattern.

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