10 BEST Help Desk Software of 2022 : Best Help Desk Software Solution for 2022

List of the Best Open Source Free Help Desk Software Solutions with Features and Comparison:

Help Desk software is a software application developed to capture, track and maintain customer queries online. It is a one-point contact for customer issues and their fixes.

It’s a software application which is developed for the service persons for keeping a track of their customer’s request, and as a result of which they can deal with the customer issues very easily.

This facility provided by companies to the customers, in turn, increases the customer’s interest in the business deals as a lot of work for the customer is being handled by this software application.

Back were those days when businesses were mostly done face to face and the client’s service persons had to visit each customer individually to resolve their issues and which indeed wasted a lot of time, money and effort.

However, the introduction of Help Desk Software has changed the way of doing business deals as it manages the issue tickets online, automates most of the suites and gains accuracy in reporting and optimization.

Help Desk software has become a single-stop point for the customers and employees for reaching out to any issues. It is designed with many good features to resolve the customer’s issues and nowadays it is becoming a necessity for every client.

Best Help Desk Software Solution for 2022

Top 20 Help Desk Software & Their Key Features

Top 20 Best Help Desk Softwares of 2022Key features

ProProfs Help Desk SoftwareProProfs Help Desk

  • Best IT help desk software to delight customers

  • A cloud-based framework makes it more efficient

  • Email like interface with easy ticketing management and fast resolution

  • Sorting, categorizing and handling tickets made far easy

  • Dedicated Knowledge Base to answer around 80% of your generic issues/queries.

Web Help DeskWeb Help Desk

  • Traditional help desk software

  • Allows for automated ticketing

  • Integrates with LDAP, AD and Microsoft SCCM

Hubspot Service HubHubspot

Service Hub

  • Help customers help themselves.

  • Inbuilt customer feedback, surveys, and insights

  • Ideal for small service teams


  • Intuitive and a simple help desk solution

  • Streamlined with time saving tools and triggers

  • Personalized views for ticket status and other conditions.


  • Provide great experiences to your customers.

  • Easy to send prompt and personalized responses

  • Automatically convert customer emails to tickets


  • An ITIL-aligned service desk software

  • Let users track the resolution processes

  • Inbuilt with automated escalation rules

Zoho DeskZoho Desk

  • A simplified help desk ticketing system

  • Built with multichannel capabilities

  • Provides great visibility due to smart automation


  • No Tier Pricing

  • Does not require any kind of expertise

  • Easier for agents to work on multiple tickets

Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk

  • A multi-channel help desk software

  • Alert rules based on events and ticket

  • Helps agents to communicate and share files


  • Totes an ability to cut costs

  • Built specially to improve B2B customer loyalty

  • Increases future scalability

Deskpro HelpdeskDeskpro

  • Ideal for every kind of organization

  • Agile, flexible and robust

  • Server Infrastructure of your choice


  • Helpdesk solution with CRM

  • Open source code access

  • Covers all communication channels

LiveAgent HelpDeskLiveAgent

  • Live Agent Support Portal

  • Unified Storage

  • Real-time typing view on chats

Jitbit HelpDeskJitbit HelpDesk

  • Aims at both startups and small self-funded companies

  • Available both “SaaS” and “on-premise”

  • Clean UI and simple set up process


  • AI based helpdesk software

  • Combination of human and machine learning

  • Free omnichannel contact center

JIRA Service DeskJIRA Service Desk

  • Streamlined modern interface

  • Apps to connect other platforms

  • Includes service management, DevOps and more


  • Supports unlimited custom fields and forms

  • A stand-alone help desk application

  • Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud


  • In-app messenger solution

  • Multilingual service

  • Process requests 5X faster

Teamwork DeskTeamwork Desk

  • Centralize all communications

  • Focus on transparency to customers

  • Manage all communication from one central system

Help SumoHelp Sumo

  • Integrate with VOIP Services

  • Responsive HTML5 design

  • Deals with requests from any channel

Best Help Desk Software Solution for 2022

Why Use Web Help Desk Software?

✓   Understandable UI

The UI is really interactive and makes it easy for agents to manage all customer tickets efficiently on one platform.

✓   Feature-Rich Tool

Web help desk software is an on-premise tool that offers advanced features to cater to customer questions instantly.

✓   Efficient Asset Tracking

All agents or “assets” can be tracked right from the start of a generated ticket to when they resolve the ticket.

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